Mechanical differential elements

Our mechanically clamping, patented differential elements can be produced with a minimal width of 4mm. The elements consist of only two parts, a body consisting of high-quality plastic material and a clamping yoke.

If the winding core is twisted against the winding direction, the clamping yoke catches in the core, expands and clamps.

The elements can be driven both by rubbing ledges at the interior diameter or by fin sheets and axial pressure.

Radial loading of mechanical differential elements
Side-loading of mechanical differential elements


  • narrowest differential element on the market
  • large load-bearing shaft diameter
  • high rigidity
  • high revolution speeds possible
  • cost-effective
  • low weight
  • easy to clean
  • usable for both radial and side loading applications
  • available for many shaft and core diameters